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Our Acquisition Service

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you unable to locate the owner of the domain name?
Do you require assistance with the process of acquiring a domain name?
Do you require information on pricing and placing a value on the domain name?
Are you in need of a negotiating professional to assure you the best acquisition price possible?
Do you require a stealth acquisition to ensure your information remains private from the seller?
If your answer to any of these is yes, our domain name acquisition service can help.


Locating the owner

Believe it or not, sometimes finding the person or company who owns the domain name you wish to acquire can be a very difficult task. The internet allows for an immense amount of privacy, especially with domain names. Some owners apply privacy to their domain name, use fake email addresses, have intense spam filters, and otherwise do the best they can to hide their information to avoid being found or contacted. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to find the owner for you.

Domain name valuation.

We know what it means to spend a lot of money on a domain name, and sometimes, justifying the cost can be a daunting task. We use our experience, industry tools, and knowledge to provide you with a proper and fair valuation of what the domain name you want is worth before you ever spend a dollar on it. This step in the process ensure that you only spend what the domain name is worth.

Professional negotiation.

One of the most important and delicate steps in the domain name acquisition process is negotiating. Negotiations are often highly complicated and sensitive. The parties usually do not know or trust one another and being taken advantage of is the last thing anybody wants. We step in and use our years of negotiating experience to ensure the process is a smooth, and result-oriented one. We’ll use our time tested and proven strategies to get the domain name you are seeking for a fair price.

We are there for the entire process.

From the moment you contact us, we are there for you. We are focused on providing you the best information, the smoothest process and the best customer service we can. Our only goal is to ensure you get the domain name you deserve at a fair price and to offer you a seamless, thorough, and painless experience from initial contact through the closing of escrow.


Pricing & Guarantee

Risk-Free Guarantee.

Many companies require an upfront payment for domain name acquisition, we don’t. We offer our acquisition service to you at absolutely zero risks and zero upfront cost. You never pay us unless we acquire the domain name for you. Period. Running a business is risky enough as it is, acquiring the perfect domain name shouldn’t be.


We guarantee to keep any personal information you provide us strictly confidential. *Sale prices are, however, reported to provide our industry with more data unless otherwise requested.


Our domain name acquisition service is results oriented, and for that reason, we keep our fees competitive, and fair.

Domain Name Cost Acquisition Fee

$1-$99,999                                       20% (Min $2,000)
$100,000-$499,999                          15%
$500,000-$999,999                          12.5%
$1,000,000+                                     10%


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